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The Nanny DVD Series
Spenser For Hire Series

For three seasons, Robert Urich ruled the streets of Boston as a hardnosed private investigator on "Spenser for Hire." Now fans of the 1980s television classic can relive some of his toughest cases by purchasing the complete "Spenser for Hire" series available from DVD Booth at

Included in the "Spenser for Hire" series collection are 66 episodes on 17 DVDs. The set is sure to remind fans why they enjoyed watching the former police officer during the show's run on ABC from 1985 to 1988. The series will always be remembered not only because it was great television, but also for its unique production style.

Each week, Urich mesmerized television audiences in the series' title role. Also featured in the cast of the "Spenser for Hire" series was a brilliant supporting cast that included Avery Brooks as Hawk, Barbara Stock as Susan Silverman, Carolyn McCormick as Rita Fiore, Richard Jaeckel as Lt. Martin Quirk, and Ron McLarty as and Sgt. Frank Belson.

The "Spenser for Hire" series was based on novels by Robert B. Parker, who served as a consultant on the show. As with the novels, the narrative is shared in first person. Each week, Spenser used his gifts of observing people and the wisdom of his sidekick Hawk to solve his cases. Fans of the "Spenser for Hire" series have described the series as one of the best crime series ever to air on television, because of what they saw as an "intelligent detective."

One writer commented that it's easy to forget the excellence of "The Spenser for Hire" series. Describing Urich and Brooks as the perfect actors to step into the roles of Parker's iconic characters, the reviewer added that the show was made even better as a result of crisp, smart writing and being shot on location in Boston.

The "Spenser for Hire" series never disappointed its audiences and always left them thinking while entertaining them. Those who loved the show will also recall Spenser cruising the streets of Boston in his ivy green 1966 Ford Mustang as it transported him to and form a series of interesting locales on the series including a firehouse where the character lived for one season and boxing at the gym.

By purchasing this collection fans can again enjoy the "Spenser for Hire" series, which left network television too soon. All 66 episodes are uncut, commercial free and unedited. Additionally, each DVD features excellent video and audio quality, episodes are included in chronological order based on when they first aired on network television, and the box set comes with custom artwork.

And at a cost of $34.95, a savings of $95 over the retail price of $129.99, purchasing the collection through DVD Booth is a steal. DVDs of the "Spenser for Hire" series are also region free, allowing them to be enjoyed on any DVD player, DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.

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