The Nanny DVD Series
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The Nanny DVD Series
Spenser For Hire Dvd Set

Combine a character from a series of well-known novels with a talented actor, throw in smartly written and entertaining stories and what do you get? The answer is "Spenser for Hire" and the mixture of Robert Urich in the title role with engaging plots made the show a hit when it aired on ABC from 1985 to 1988. Now fans can enjoy the action-packed drama again with the "Spenser for Hire" DVD set that is available from DVD Booth at

Urich shined in this series about a hard-edged Boston private investigator. The "Spenser for Hire" DVD set not only includes all of the episodes with Urich as Spenser, but also those featuring a brilliant supporting cast that complimented his work -- Avery Brooks as Hawk, Barbara Stock as Susan Silverman, Carolyn McCormick as Rita Fiore, Richard Jaeckel as Lt. Martin Quirk, and Ron McLarty as Sgt. Frank Belson.

The show was also a television favorite because of Robert B. Parker, who wrote a series of novels about the character and served as a consultant on the show. As with the novels, each episode was shared in first person. The unique storytelling device, strong scripts and outstanding performances helped make Spenser an intelligent detective series and each of the episodes that fans loved is included in the "Spenser for Hire" DVD set.

Urich once said that Spenser was his favorite role and it's easy to see why he enjoyed the part. The show could always be depended on to entertain television viewers because it was a gritty, drama that fans loved. Much of the show was filmed on location in Boston and viewers enjoyed watching Spenser driving his ivy green 1966 Ford Mustang as it transported him to and from a series of adventures in that city. Although it only ran three seasons, the "Spenser for Hire DVD set will remind fans of why it was a favorite among those who enjoy television police dramas.

Commenting on the series, a writer remarked it's easy to forget the excellence of each "The Spenser for Hire" episodes. The reviewer added that one of the show's greatest strength's was crisp, smart writing. And the brilliance of that writing is reflected in each episode that is included in the "Spenser for Hire" DVD set.

The "Spenser for Hire" DVD set includes all 66 episodes from the show's three seasons on 17 DVDs. Each episode is uncut, commercial free and unedited. Additionally, the DVDs feature excellent video and audio quality, episodes are included in chronological order based on when they first aired on network television, and the box set comes with custom artwork.

And at a cost of $34.95, a savings of $95 over the retail price of $129.99, purchasing the collection from DVD Booth is a bargain. DVDs in the "Spenser for Hire" DVD set are also region free, allowing them to be enjoyed on any DVD player, DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide. To start enjoying the "Spenser for Hire" DVD set, please visit