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Malcolm In The Middle DVD Set

There have many families on television, but none quite as unique as that featured on "Malcolm in the Middle." Now each hilarious episode of this neurotic and dysfunctional family can be found on the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set that can be purchased from DVD Booth at

The entire irrational clan is on display in the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set. Included in the 7 DVDs is Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), along with his overbearing mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) and his weak, but adorable father Hal (Bryan Cranston). Adding to the mayhem are Malcolm's siblings - his deceitful oldest brother Francis (Christopher Masterson), his other older brother Reese (Justin Berfield) who is always getting Malcolm in trouble, and Malcolm's younger brother Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan), who always knows how to turn on the charm.

Each week, audiences were treated to the chaotic but hilarious happenings in Malcolm's household. And the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set includes the recurring characters who helped make the series a comedy smash - his insufferable and sometimes scary grandmother (Cloris Leachman), Lois' fellow employee Craig (David Anthony Higgins), Malcolm's school buddy Stevie (Craig Lamar Traylor), and a host of other oddball personalities that can also be found in the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVDs included in this collection.

Each opening of "Malcolm in the Middle" was unrelated to that week's episode, but provided a laugh leading into the show's opening credits. The "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set also includes the episodes that featured brother Francis in subplots while away first at a military boarding school in Alabama, followed by a logging camp in Alaska, and finally a hotel with a Wild West theme in the Western United States.

The series was so successful during its seven-season run on the Fox network from 2000-2006, that it was nominated for 33 Emmy Awards. And the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set will remind audiences of what it made it such a funny and unique television situation comedy. As if the chaos in Malcolm's family wasn't enough, the series distinguished itself with approaches that included shooting the series with a single camera, having Malcolm talk to his audience, and shunning a laugh track that is often associated with television comedies.

The "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set includes: " All 157 episodes of the series that are uncut, commercial free and unedited " Each DVD features excellent video and audio quality " Episodes are included in chronological order " The box set comes with custom artwork " DVDs are region free, and can be played on any DVD player, DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide

Fans of the show will be laughing even harder when they learn how little the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set costs. For only $34.95 - a savings of $65 over the retail price for the entire series, which is normally $99.99 - they can chuckle over and over again at the unpredictable but always funny antics of Malcolm, his family and friends.

To buy the "Malcolm in the Middle" DVD set today and relive the fun, please be sure and visit