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Description: LAREDO DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Western
Price: $129.99
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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Laredo is an NBC Western television series starring Neville Brand, William Smith, Peter Brown, and Philip Carey as Texas Rangers. The program premiered on September 16, 1965, and the final new episode was broadcast on April 7, 1967. The series was produced by Universal Television.

Laredo combined action and humor with the focus on three fictitious Texas Rangers. Reese Bennett, played by Brand, is older than his two partners. Chad Cooper was played by Peter Brown, the former co-star of NBC's Lawman. Joe Riley was portrayed by William Smith. Reese was previously an officer of the Union Army during the American Civil War. Originally from New Orleans, Chad was in the Border Patrol during the war. He joined the Rangers to search for the gunrunners who had ambushed fellow border patrolmen. Joe was a gunfighter who was at times on the wrong side of the law. He joined the Rangers to obtain protection from a sheriff. Chad and Joe tease Reese about his age: he was in his forties.

The three Rangers are led by Captain Edward Parmalee, played by Philip Carey, who was stern and disciplined. Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter joined the show in the second and final season. Claude Akins played Ranger Cotton Buckmeister in five episodes but never became a part of the cast. The pilot of Laredo was an episode of The Virginian called "We've Lost A Train", which was broadcast in April 1965.

Reese's horse Cactus is mentioned in several episodes. Chad's horse called "Amigo" was actually Peter Brown's personal horse.

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All 56 Uncut Episodes - 3 Seasons on 11 DVDS

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