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Description: THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS DVD COLLECTION. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
Genre: Sci-Fi
Price: $129.99
Language: English
Limited Edition DVD Box Set
Every Memorable Episode + The 4 Movies in One Huge Collection - Lowest Price Online Guaranteed

Man From Atlantis is a short-lived American science fiction television series that ran for 13 episodes on the NBC Network during the 1977–1978 season, following on from four successful television movies that had aired earlier in 1977. A number of sources prepend the word The to the title; however, the actual on-screen title of the series, plus the title used for spin-off novels and comic books, does not include the article.

NBC commissioned four movies of the show during the 1977 season, exceeding ABC's record of 3 for The Six Million Dollar Man.

The series starred Patrick Duffy as an amnesiac man dubbed Mark Harris, believed to be a survivor from the lost civilization of Atlantis. Possessed of exceptional abilities, including the ability to breathe underwater and withstand extreme depth pressures, and possessed of super-human strength, Harris was subsequently recruited by the Foundation for Oceanic Research that explored the depths of the ocean in a sophisticated submarine, the Cetacean (with miniature work by Gene Warren).

The supporting cast included Belinda Montgomery as Dr. Elizabeth Merrill and Alan Fudge as C.W. Crawford, both of the Foundation for Oceanic Research. Victor Buono played the villainous Mr. Schubert in the pilot and several episodes of the series. Kenneth Tigar appeared in the second, third, and fourth movies as Dr. Miller Simon, also of the Foundation for Oceanic Research. The series added an ensemble cast as "The Crew of the Cetacean" consisting of Richard Laurance Williams, J. Victor Lopez, Jean Marie Hon (also seen in "Ark II"), and Anson Downes.

The four movies were:

   1. Man From Atlantis (March 4, 1977)
   2. The Death Scouts (April 22, 1977)
   3. The Killer Spores (May 17, 1977)
   4. The Disappearance (June 20, 1977)

And the thirteen episodes were:

   1. "Melt Down"
   2. "The Mudworm"
   3. "Hawk of Mu"
   4. "Giant"
   5. "Man O'War"
   6. "Shoot Out at Land's End
   7. "Crystal Water, Sudden Death"
   8. "The Naked Montague"
   9. "C.W. Hyde"
  10. "Scavenger Hunt"
  11. "Imp"
  12. "The Siren"
  13. "Deadly Carnival"

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